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  1. LIABILITY OF PARTIES. Each person who signs this Agreement as a Borrower or Co-Signer or who endorses or negotiates the loan proceeds check related to this Agreement (other than a Dealer/Payee) and whose name appears in this Agreement as Borrower or Co-Borrower agrees to be individually and jointly obligated to pay Your loan in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Any person who signs this Agreement or the loan proceeds check related to this Agreement and checks the box preceding "Owner of Collateral (other than Borrower)" does so voluntarily and solely to give a security interest in the Collateral shown in the Security Interest section in this Agreement, but is not personally liable for any indebtedness created by this Agreement.

  2. INTEREST. Interest will be charged on the unpaid balance of Your loan at the Simple Interest Rate designated in this Agreement until Your balance is paid in full. Any payment may be made early without penalty, and any early payments will have the result of reducing the total amount of interest paid. Any payment made after the due date will have the result of increasing the total amount of interest paid.

  3. PAYMENTS. Your payments are to be made in lawful money of the United States according to the Payment Schedule in this Agreement. Any partial prepayment of Your loan will not delay Your next scheduled payment. If, when You pay Your last scheduled payment, the amount You pay exceeds Your loan balance, then You give the Credit Union permission to deposit the excess to Your share account.

  4. COLLATERAL. The Credit Union has been granted a security interest or lien in or upon the Collateral designated in this Agreement or in a separate document such as a Security Agreement, Assignment, Pledge or similar document (the subject matter of such a security interest or lien is referred to as "Collateral" in this Agreement). Except for the Credit Union's security interest or lien, the Collateral is owned free and clear from any adverse claim, security interest or encumbrance other than as now disclosed to the Credit Union. Without the express written consent of the Credit Union, no other liens, security interests or encumbrances will be allowed to attach to the Collateral. You agree to inform the Credit Union immediately if the Collateral is to be moved from Your address shown in this Agreement or at such other address at which You have informed the Credit Union the Collateral is now located. The Collateral shall not be sold or ownership otherwise transferred and at all times the Collateral shall be kept in good repair. The Collateral shall not be used for any unlawful purpose. The Credit Union shall receive the full cooperation of the Borrower, Co-Signer or Owner in obtaining everything that We require to place and/or maintain Our security interest in and/or lien on the Collateral. The Credit Union may examine and inspect the Collateral at any time wherever located. All taxes or assessments on the Collateral shall be paid as they come due, and if not paid, the Credit Union may pay them and shall be entitled to reimbursement or, alternatively, to add any amount so paid to the unpaid balance of Your loan subject to the applicable interest rate.

    Collateral (other than household goods or any dwelling) given as security under this Agreement or for any other loan You may have with Us will secure all amounts You owe Us now and in the future if that status is reflected in the "Truth-in-Lending Disclosure" in any particular Agreement evidencing such debt.

  5. LIEN ON SHARES. If shares or deposits are pledged as Collateral for this loan, You understand that the balance in Your account(s) on deposit with the Credit Union must be kept at least equal to the balance of Your loan until Your loan is repaid in full. We may, however, permit You to maintain or reduce Your account balances below Your loan balance. If You are in default, the Credit Union may apply all shares (except Keogh accounts and IRA accounts) then on deposit to Your loan up to an amount sufficient to repay Your loan.

  6. PROPERTY INSURANCE. You promise to maintain property insurance in an amount necessary to protect Our security interest in the Collateral, with Us named as loss payee for Our protection. Such insurance shall protect against loss by fire, theft, and collision and will provide "all risks" hull insurance in the case of aircraft or boats and accessories thereto, if any. You may provide the required property insurance through an existing policy or by a policy You independently obtain and pay for from a person of Your own choosing, providing such person is reasonably acceptable to Us. You agree to deliver satisfactory evidence of the insurance policy to Us within any time period specified in any notice from Us or on Our behalf. If You do not get or keep this insurance, We may, at Our sole option, obtain insurance to protect Our interest and add its costs to Your loan and You agree to pay for it (by such means as increasing Your payment or increasing Your loan term). We are under no obligation to obtain insurance on Your behalf. If We do obtain insurance, the cost of obtaining that insurance may be added to Your loan balance, subject to the applicable interest rate. We have the authority to obtain, adjust, settle or cancel insurance and may endorse any party's name on any draft.

  7. DEFAULT. Your loan shall be in default if any of the following things occur: (a) You do not make any payment or perform any obligation under this Agreement or any other agreement that You may have with the Credit Union; or (b) You have made a false or misleading statement in Your credit application and/or in Your representations to the Credit Union while You owe money on this loan; or (c) You should die, or be involved in any insolvency, receivership or custodial proceeding brought by or against You; or (d) a judgment or tax lien should be filed against You or any attachment or garnishment should be issued against any of Your property or rights, specifically including anyone starting an action or proceeding to seize any of Your funds on deposit with the Credit Union; and/or (e) the Credit Union should, in good faith, believe Your ability to repay Your indebtedness hereunder is or soon will be impaired, time being of the very essence.

    Upon any occurrence of default, and to the extent permitted by law, We may declare the entire balance of Your loan immediately due and payable, without prior notice or demand. If the entire balance is not then paid immediately upon default, and if permitted by law, the Collateral shall be voluntarily surrendered to the Credit Union at a time and place acceptable to it. If this is not done, to the extent permitted by law, the Credit Union may enter the premises where the Collateral is located and take possession of it and the Credit Union may assert the defense of a superior right of possession as the holder of a security interest to any offense of alleged wrongful taking and conversion. The Credit Union may sell or dispose of the Collateral in any manner permitted by law, and any resulting deficiency on Your loan shall be immediately paid to the Credit Union. In the event collection efforts are required to obtain payment on this account, the undersigned agrees to pay all court costs, private process server fees, investigation fees or other costs incurred in collection and reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred in the course of collecting any amounts owed under this Agreement or in the recovery of any Collateral. As permitted by law, the Credit Union shall have the right to impress and enforce a statutory lien upon the shares and dividends of any member indebted to it and We may enforce Our right to do so without further notice to You. Additionally, You agree that We may set-off any mutual indebtedness.

  8. ASSUMABILITY. Your loan is not assumable.

  9. DELAY IN ENFORCEMENT. We do not lose Our rights under this or any related agreement if We delay enforcing them. We can accept late payments, partial payments, or any other payments, even if they are marked "paid in full" without losing any of Our rights under this Agreement. If any provision of this or any related agreement is determined to be unenforceable or invalid, all other provisions remain in full force and effect.

  10. GOVERNING LAW. You understand and agree that this Agreement will be governed by the laws of the state in which it is written except to the extent that federal law controls.